Destiny 2: Season of the Risen unveiled in mammoth Witch Queen expansion deep-dive

Destiny 2: Season of the Risen will kick off alongside the upcoming Witch Queen expansion, as Bungie announced in a lengthy new vidoc.

"Witch Queen and Season of the Risen is chapter one in the beginning of the end for the Light and Darkness saga," says project lead Blake Battle.

"If The Witch Queen is the psychic detective fantasy and journey, then Season of the Risen is that same detective throwing on their flak jacket, defending Earth from the Hive Guardians and the Lucent Hive and Savathun herself," Battle adds. 

The Season of the Risen will see the return of Caiatl, the Cabal ally introduced in the Season of the Chosen. Her anti-Light technology will be crucial in the ongoing fight against Savathun's own Light-wielders.

Bungie didn't outline how the Seasonal gameplay loop will work, but game director Joe Blackburn did tease that "when you're working with Caiatl, she has a different approach. It's not about asking questions, it's about getting in there and extracting."

"We don't really understand what happened when Savathun actually was able to take the Light," adds assistant game director Robbie Stevens. "So the campaign for Season of the Risen, in many ways, is about that story." 

You'll find plenty more details on the setup for The Witch Queen and the Season of the Risen in our full Destiny 2: The Witch Queen preview. The Season of the Risen is directly tied into the events of the expansion's campaign, and as Bungie explained, it's also building out a story of its own. 

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