Destiny 2's PS4-exclusive content includes a Strike, gear, a ship, an Exotic weapon, and a PvP map

Nothing quite says "E3 2017" like the announcement of console-exclusive content, eh? With just a scant three months until launch, Bungie and Activision have detailed the PlayStation 4-exclusive content coming to Destiny 2 - and it seems to follow largely the same model as the PS-exclusive content for the original game.

Perhaps the biggest addition is a special Strike (dubbed "Lake of Shadows") which takes place in the European Dead Zone. There's also the Terra Concord armor for Titans, the Tesseract Trace IV armor for Warlocks, and the Icarus Drifter armor for Hunters.

PlayStation players will also get access to a very sleek-looking ship called the City Apex, and the Borealis sniper rifle Exotic weapon. Last but not least, Destiny 2 players on PS4 will be able to duke it out on an exclusive PvP map, Retribution. All of the above will be exclusive to Sony's platform until at least fall 2018.

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Sam Prell

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