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After completing Scorned, talk to Spider and Petra to unlock access to the hunt for each of Tangled Shore's eight barons. You can take these campaign Adventures on in any order, but we advise the following sequence to make sure you don't start off in the deep end, beginning with The Rider. 

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Destiny 2: Forsaken - Tangled Shore: The Rider

At the mission's starting point, you'll find one of Yaviks' Pikes, and will need to hop on one yourself in a bid to track him down. Unfortunately, the Pike won't be working very well, and you'll have to help your ghost re-calibrate it by taking out five enemies in the nearby vicinity using its built-in laser turrets. 

Do this, and your waypoint will show you to the next location where Yaviks' might be hiding. It's quite a ways away, so don't accidentally lose your Pike in the process, otherwise the walk can get pretty tiresome. 

Once at the next area, you'll be tasked with taking out three of Yaviks' biker gang minions, all of whom are riding around the zone, shooting anyone who gets in their way. Use your Pike to catch up to them, and fire away, aiming at the pilot rather than the vehicle for more effective takedowns. If you lose your Pike here, don't worry, there's plenty of spare ones lying about for your disposal. 

With the minions dead, press on into the lair shown on your map. You'll be forced to leave your old Pike behind, but you can pick up a new one soon enough as you venture in. 

Within the lair awaits more Scorn, but keep pushing through and you'll eventually reach a Restricted Zone, where a boss fight with The Rider himself takes place. He'll stay on his Pike, shooting devastating fire bombs at you from afar, and sequentially retreating to new parts the area, leaving a trail of fire and newly spawned Scorn adds in his wake.

Your best tactic is to use your Pike to dodge his attacks in a strafing motion, constantly firing away at him (or any nearby explosive barrels) to slowly deplete his health. If your Pike starts to get too damaged, hop off and find a new one, as its destruction is powerful enough to kill you outright. Otherwise, don't try to attack The Rider on foot unless you have a super, which I'd advise using to make quick work of the surrounding mobs instead. 

Rinse and repeat this process, even when Yaviks flees to a new area entirely, and he'll eventually implode in a cacophony of fire and shrapnel, allowing you to pick up the loot he leaves behind. You've killed the Rider, so it's time to move on the to hunting down the next Baron in Target: The Trickster.

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