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We thought we had the Vex on the backfoot in A Garden World, but now it looks like Sagira needs saving once again in this final mission.

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Mercury: Omega 

Journey to the Tower to speak with Ikora once again, who’ll send you back to Mercury to begin the mission in earnest. Travel there and interact with the mission’s flag to begin.

Make it back into the Infinite Forest, where the final procedural generation sequence of the campaign will be found. It’s business as usual, except this time the second and fourth stage will boast Daemon bosses that must be killed before the door can be opened to the next area.

Once you’ve made it to the next tower, venture on to Infinity’s Crown, where Panoptes can be found.

He’ll be immune from any attack, but will spawn Vex mobs you need to kill while he looks on ominously. Eventually he’ll start to flee, at which point you can give chase by using the launch pads located nearby. He’ll keep throwing adds at you to slow you down, but keep jumping in his direction and you’ll reach a restricted zone.

This is the final boss fight; the moment you’ve been waiting for. Panoptes will throw a lot of adds at you first, though, and you’ll need to deal with them before Osiris shows up to throw his own magic at the Vex boss. 

Once this happens, get on the nearby jump pad and follow Osiris’ directions, who will ask you to carry an arc charge to destroy Panoptes’ defense mechanisms; it’s fairly simple stuff, but your health will be depleting the whole time, so move fast. 

With that done, Osiris will teleport you right in front of Panoptes’ vulnerable eye, which you need to fire away at to deplete a good portion of his health.

This whole process must be repeated three times - dealing with the mobs, carrying the arc charge, and shooting Panoptes’ eye - before the boss finally hits the ground, with the third sequence involving a jump to the final fight area.

Once you’ve killed Panoptes, that’s the end of both the mission and the Curse of Osiris campaign.

Congratulations Guardian! Head to the Lighthouse to receive your reward. 

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