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Hijacked gave us everything we needed to enter the Infinite Forest on Mercury; it’s time to start the hunt for Panoptes and take him out pronto. 

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Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris - Mercury: A Garden World 

Travel to Mercury and activate the mission flag near the Infinite Forest gateway to start the quest. Follow your marker to the gateway (ignoring the Vex protecting it) until you’re back in the Infinite Forest.

You’ll be presented with another helping of randomly generated enemies across a sequentially spawning series of platforms, which will appear once you’ve interacted with the door found at the end of each one. 

If you want to speed things up, remember that you don’t even have to wipe out the enemies to proceed to the each spawning stage.

At the end of the forest, just outside the tower, a Quantum Cyclops boss will be waiting for you, but deploy any power ammo you have and it’ll be dead in no time. 

Proceed on through, until you’re in the golden fields of Mercury past. Follow your marker, killing Vex hordes, destroying the glowing cubes, and launching yourself onto the conveniently placed jump pads as you go. 

There’ll be couple of Hydras and Shielded Minotaurs along the way, and you’ll need to destroy the glowing cubes first in order to deplete the shields of the latter to do any sort of damage.

Keep repeating this process until you’re inside the floating spire, which you’ll need to push through to the top of, fighting your way through Precursor Goblins, Minotaurs, and Hydra the whole while. There’ll also be more boxes to shoot, which will unlock the path upwards a little further each time.

At the top of the spire is a boss fight with a Dendron Root Mind, who is basically a giant version of the Quantum Cyclops you met earlier. Keep moving around, using cover to avoid his slow but powerful laser shots as he circles around the arena. 

Use your super to quickly make light work of the regularly spawning adds, and remember to shoot the glowing boxes whenever a Minotaur appears to break down their shield. It’s not a restricted zone, so with some patience (and a few unlucky deaths), the boss will eventually be defeated.  

And that’s all there is to it. You can now jump on up to the Spire’s peak to end the level. It’s time for the last mission in the Curse of Osiris campaign; Omega.

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