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Giant sci-fi tanks are fun and all, as we just learned in Payback. Sometimes, though, it takes a personal touch to beat a boss. That’s a lesson we’re about to learn in the next mission of Destiny 2’s Red War campaign!

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Destiny 2 - EDZ: Unbroken

Lever Recommendation: Level 15, Power Rating 160

Go ahead and follow your quest marker. You can trust it! It’ll eventually take you to where the action is: a massive hangar-like area full of Cabal troopers. 

As you’ve probably realized by now, War Beasts can be a real pain. So use the large open space to pick them off first and at a distance. Phalanxes should be your last priority, meanwhile, since the defensively minded minions aren’t much threat in the open air. A Centurion or two at the end of the skirmish will be susceptible to Solar damage, as usual.

Next up, hacking the specified terminal will lower an inert dropship for you to platform your way over, deeper into the ship. Continue forward until you reach what looks like a dead end. The way forward is hidden behind some slatted vents on the wall, just like the ones we blasted open in Utopia. Repeat the process here to drop into some waves of Psions, War Beasts, and Gladiators.

The melee units should be dealt with first, lest they repeatedly swarm you up close. Don’t write off the Psions, though. The snipers pack an accurate punch.

Clear enough enemies and you’ll trigger the appearance of a “Blood Guard Centurion.” Despite the name, this palooka is a miniboss form of Incendior. That means he’ll spray the floor with napalm wherever he fires. Keep on the move to avoid it and don’t miss the slightly subtle burning effect that appears on-screen to tell you you’re standing in fire.

Unusually for a Cabal, the Blood Guard is weak to Void. So you might have to switch a weapon or subclass to make the fight easier. You might also just aim for the gas tank on his back, which serves as a weak point.

More typical battles follow as you push through the mission. Eventually, you’ll reach an open-air docking bay with two more Blood Guards. These aren’t as strong as the Centurion, and don’t spread fire when they shoot. There are two of them, however, so use AoE attacks to kill them at once.

After the fight, when you open the prescribed hangar door, take a step back. A line of enemies is waiting for you directly on the other side - including yet another Blood Guard. This one is Solar shielded, and uses a spread gun. He’s not much of a problem, however, thanks to the timely arrival of Amanda in her own fighter. She’ll lay down covering fire that makes the whole battle a breeze.

Mop up the stragglers to summon another Blood Guard (Arc shielded) who will also get pinned down by your air support.

You’ll fight one more Blood Guard with a standard Solar shield in the hallways that follow. Save any remaining power ammo and Super energy you might have left during the fight. You’re going to want them both soon and an energy weapon will work here just fine.

If you have an AoE power weapon, like a grenade or rocket launcher, ready it now. Right after the last guard is the mission’s boss room. Thumos the Unbroken will rise up out of the floor with two buddies, which makes this the perfect opportunity to hit all three of them at once.

Thumos mostly hangs back at the end of the room, so focus on his bodyguards plus the additional enemies that come from that area. When the Blood Guards are down, you can focus on Thumos with whatever you have. Just know that he tends to leap into the air for extended periods, so don’t rely on slow-firing weapons and abilities unless you’re confident he’s not about to dodge it.

Things get fairly hectic here, but you can use the two pillars right in front of where you entered the room to break line of sight. And as always, prioritize melee enemies before they can surround you. With these tips in mind you should be able to chip Thumos’s not inconsiderable health pool away in time.

That’s the end of the mission! With Thumos out of the way, it’s time to claim your prize in the form of his personal shuttle in the upcoming mission, Larceny.

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