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Remember the few seconds of vehicular combat you just enjoyed in Fury? Well, we’re about to commandeer something a whole lot bigger. It’s finally time to take the fight to the Cabal.

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Destiny 2 - EDZ: Payback

Level Recommendation:  Level 15, Power Rating 160

Payback begins innocuously enough. Follow the marker into the Cabal tunnel network. A handful of Phalanxes and Legionaries will try to bar your path. Show them you remember how to shoot the shieldbearers where their hands and feet poke out from behind their barriers; to your left and at the bottom.

Continue forward until Amanda chimes in over the radio. She’s got a surprise for you in the form of a hulking, hand-delivered tank.

The vehicle is simple to use. The fire button fires the main gun. This is your bread and butter, although it takes a second to reload between shots. Holding the grenade button and dragging your reticule over targets will lock on with an ever-replenishing supply of missiles. These fire all at once, no matter how many targets you paint. Keep your aim steady and let go of the button immediately if you want as many missiles as possible to hit just one enemy.

The tank is, er, tanky, but not invincible. You’ll notice it has non-replenishing health at the top of the screen. Don’t worry too much about that, though. Launchpads spread throughout the tunnel will let you swap out damaged tanks for fresh ones, free of charge. If the vehicle does take too much abuse, it’s not immediately game over, either. It will hum and begin to glow first, giving you a few seconds to vacate the premises.

The first room after Amanda makes contact is mostly a cakewalk - presumably designed to show off your new toy. Just don’t drive immediately under the clutch of stored bombs on the ceiling. These are easily knocked loose and will destroy the tank if they hit it.

Roll over your foes and vaporize the ones that can’t take a hit. Less deadly Cabal vehicles, like dropships and interceptors, will periodically appear. Take those out first since they’re the only real threat you face for some time.

You will need to exit the tank, briefly, to proceed through a bunker. It’s peppered with your typical Cabal ground troops, but only a couple at a time. Your time in the tank should have left you with plenty of Super energy and power weapon ammo to chew through them quickly.

Then it’s back into a new tank and on with the ride. A Red Legion Goliath (the Cabal’s own breed of tank) will get in your way this time. It’s the perfect opportunity to practice concentrating missile fire, along with your main gun. Otherwise, just keep your distance and strafe to avoid its line of fire. Your tank is much more robust, so even this one-on-one battle shouldn’t deter you.

A gap in the tunnel will, however. You’ll need to leave the safety of what Cayde calls your “super tank” once again. This time it’s to jump up to a control room filled with Cabal in order to extend a bridge to let your tank across. Once again, don’t be stingy with abilities and power weapons. You won’t get many other chances to use them this mission.

With the bridge up, it’s back to the fold. Prioritize Goliaths and interceptors. Dodge shots by strafing. Switch tanks if the one you’re in gets too dicey.

When you resurface from the tunnels, it’ll be in the shadow of a Cabal battleship. Your targets are its shield generators - the massive turrets beaming orange light onto the spacecraft. 

You can’t just shoot them anywhere, however. You’ll need to swing your tank around their side to face the large, white panels on the generators’ fronts. Fire once or twice at each of them, then at the battleship’s rear thrusters, to end the mission. A steady stream of Goliaths, interceptors, and dropships shouldn’t give you too much trouble since the battlefield is littered with cover.

And that’s it for Payback! In the next mission, Unbroken, we’ll get to meet the man whose spaceship we just broke. Don’t worry. He’s very understanding.

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