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Cayde-6 is safe and back in the game, thanks to all your hard work in Six. Now it's time to figure out what's happened to Ikora. Next stop: Io!

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Destiny 2 - Io: Sacrilege

Level Recommendation: Level 11, Power Rating 120

You need to be level 11 before you can even set foot on Io, so you may have to boost your stats on some Adventures and Strikes before being able to start Sacrilege

Once landing on the sacred planet, follow the objective towards the Red Legion site, where you'll be greeted by an assortment of Cabal Warbeasts, Psions and Phalanxes. Nothing too challenging so far.

Head towards the entrance on the left hand side of the open quarters, and work your way through until you reach the wraith mines. You'll eventually find yourself in a No Respawn zone, before coming across Taken rifts and defensive wards. 

You can easily bypass the wards, but if you'd rather be on the safe side then shoot them a few times to get rid of them completely. 

The encounter beyond this, however, will be with a bunch of Taken Psion, so don't rush into it. Taken Psion are accurate shooters, so use cover effectively and pinpoint headshots as much as possible to emerge victorious.  

Keep heading on through the cavern as you deal with a variety of Taken enemies, including Thrall, Cabal and Wizards. Remember that Taken enemies are fast on their feet and certain types can duplicate themselves, making this one of the toughest campaign missions you'll have tackled yet. 

Once you've made it out of the mines and returned to the main, open area section of the hold, you'll be tasked with killing three Taken Wizards scattered around the zone. Use an energy weapon to deplete their shields and keep moving (preferably airborne) around the edge of the map as you focus fire on them, saving your Super to mow down the numbers of grunt foes protecting each Wizard. 

From here, scan the giant black ball of energy floating in the centre of the area and move in towards it. Unfortunately, this will end up in you being surrounded by Taken Psion, so jump out of there quickly to secure a better advantage. 

After defeating the remaining Psion, the mission's big boss will show up where the ball of energy used to be; The Vortex Mind. 

This boss is slow but powerful, and tends to stay in the centre of the map as he fires massive projectiles of energy in your direction, supported by an endless helping of Taken Psion and Thrall. 

With that in mind, keep a safe distance and stick to ledges, shooting down onto his head from above before using cover to kill any Taken that will have inevitably advanced towards your position. 

The Vortex Mind has a fair sum of health, but be patient and keep repeating this process, and you'll have defeated him before you can even say "Moon Wizard." 

At this point, Sacrilege will draw to an end and the game will point you off towards your next adventure on Io.  

As for the campaign, it's time to figure out what exactly Dominus Ghaul has in mind for Io, not to mention The Traveler itself. It's time to face Fury.

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