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Destiny 2: Forsaken raid Easter egg brings back Halo's Grunt birthday party

Destiny 2 players have been struggling to crack the mysterious Wall of Wishes in Forsaken's new Last Wish raid for several days. Reddit user Tiredness (opens in new tab) has rounded up a few confirmed wishes in this infographic (opens in new tab), some of which unlock chests throughout the raid, including one that all players can easily plunder (opens in new tab). But for longtime Bungie and Halo fans, wish number 11 is likely the most interesting of the bunch: it enables a faithful recreation of Halo's beloved Grunt Birthday Party confetti effect. 

For the unfamiliar: Halo 2 added a togglable Easter egg that caused plasma grenade explosions on headshots. Halo 3 refined this into a Grunt-exclusive explosion of confetti set to giddy laughing. However, Destiny 2's effect works on all enemies but only with headshots, plus the confetti explosion doesn't damage other enemies. And instead of children laughing, it's accompanied by an equally amusing slide whistle. This video from Lophius (opens in new tab) offers a good look at the effect in action:

Here's how to activate the Grunt-inspired effect. You can find the Wall of Wishes just before Kalli, the Corrupted, the first boss in Last Wish. It's made up of a grid of buttons, and by shooting the buttons to change the symbols on them, you can enter codes which correspond to specific effects. When you enter code 11 seen in this infographic (opens in new tab), you'll enable confetti explosions for the rest of the raid. As long as you don't exit to orbit, the celebration will never end. 

Destiny 2: Forsaken is loaded with secrets, like the bonus chest in the Tangled Shore's Mindbender adventure. Here's how to get it. (opens in new tab) 

Austin Wood
Austin Wood

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