Destiny 2 beta easter egg puts Paul McCartney behind a door as the Tower crumbles

The original Destiny was chock full of easter eggs, so perhaps it's little surprise that Destiny 2 likewise has a few references tossed in for players to find. Even in the beta, players can find one such wink-and-nod in the story mission, "Homecoming".

From the hangar, simply head down the stairs and turn to a locked door that would normally lead to the lounge. Get nice and close and you'll hear "Hope For the Future," a song written by McCartney to promote the first game, echoing on the other side.

McCartney's song was widely panned when it released, and I confess I've no love for it myself. So while this might sound harsh, I suggest we just let the Tower's destruction be the end of this unfortunate melody.

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Sam Prell

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