Destiny 2 beta reactions from the players: Great PvP, horrible cooldowns, and more

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The Destiny 2 beta has been live for a day and reports from the first game's biggest fans are pouring in from across the internet. Even though the fundamental game doesn't seem wildly different from the original Destiny so far, there's still quite a diversity of opinion - ranging from overall joy to being very worried about ability cooldowns. Let's take a look.

The good

The PvP has benefitted from scaled-back abilities

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Homecoming is a nicely characterized (re)introduction to the world

The Inverted Spire Strike is generally pretty impressive

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 Wait, this is one of ours...

 And of course, some folks are just pleased overall 

The not so good

There are a lot of complaints about ability cooldowns.

Like, a lot a lot.

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And a frankly distressing number of termites.

The tricks and glitches

People are learning sick Arc Staff combos.

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And re-discovering some old glitch friends.

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Make sure you read our Destiny 2 beta guide to get the most out of your time with the game. And if you're still not sure when you can start playing the Destiny 2 beta, we've got you covered there too.