Destiny 2 at 60fps and 4K resolution is eye candy of the highest order

Even before Destiny 2 was announced for PC, fans have wondered what the series would look like if it pushed the graphical envelope just a teensy bit more. And thanks to this trailer released by Nvidia in the midst of E3 2017, we can now see exactly what it looks like at max settings - running at 4K resolution and 60fps, no less. And the short answer is: good. Real good.

I admit though, I'm not sure if I would enjoy playing it like this. I think I've gotten so used to the 30fps of the console version that 60fps seems almost too quick. I know, I'm a monster. Bungie has said that even on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X the game will run at 30fps, so this feature is unique to the PC version - but I'm curious, would you prefer Destiny bump up in framerate or stay where it is? Sound off in the comments!

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Sam Prell

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