Despite its disastrous launch, Saints Row is still getting expansions

Saints Row
(Image credit: Deep Silver Volition)

Saints Row's first DLC expansion is out next week, after its developer's parent company hinted at lacklustre sales.

When Saints Row launched last year, it was met with middling reviews and lukewarm reception from players. Earlier this year, Deep Silver Volition parent company Embracer hinted that it was still feeling the financial sting from the game reportedly costing over $100 million to make.

Despite the disappointing reception to Saints Row, Deep Silver Volition is still going ahead with its post-launch content. The Heist and the Hazardous, Saints Row's first DLC expansion to arrive since launch last year, debuts for paying players next week on May 9.

The first expansion looks like it'll be a full-blooded revenge missions against a movie star, of all people, as the Saints look for payback after the Boss was double-crossed. There's also a free update alongside the new expansion, promising a brand new district to explore among the already-bustling city.

The Heist and the Hazardous will be available both as part of Saints Row's Season Pass, and as a completely standalone purchase next week on May 9.

Considering Saints Row's disappointing critical and financial launch, it would've been easy for Embracer to cut its losses with the game and cancel all post-launch plans. That Deep Silver Volition is still seeing its original DLC goals through to the end is fantastic news for all Saints Row players, and great news for a development team that's surely already poured months of hard work into the expansions and updates.

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