Def Jam and Marvel team for special Black Panther stories leading to series finale

Def Jam - Marvel
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Def Jam Recordings and Marvel Comics announced an upcoming collaboration designed to "integrate the voices of young Black creatives with one of the most transformative characters and storylines in graphic arts history: Black Panther."

In February 24's Black Panther #23, Marvel and Def Jam celebrate Black History Month with South-Central Los Angeles singer/songwriter Saint Bodhi (joined by co-writer Danny Lore, artist Alitha Martinez, and colorist Rachelle Rosenberg) sharing her take on Storm "for an emotional story grounded in tragedy and acceptance."

Bodhi's debut story will also be included in Marvel's Voices: Legacy #1, a celebration of Black voices and artists, on sale the same day.

In March's Black Panther #24, Dallas-native rapper Bobby Sessions tells a story about Black Panther himself.  

And in the series' finale issue #25 in April, 'Toxic R&B' artist Kaash Paige will "forge a tale about Wakandan Princess Shuri and the power of knowledge."

"Aligned with the Def Jam Forward initiative to promote social, economic, and educational equality, each three-page story will also feature an exclusive one-page Def Jam artist profile," reads Marvel's announcement. 

(Image credit: Def Jam Recordings / Marvel Comics)

"Bringing these two logos together was a dream,” says Def Jam partnerships consultant Jonathan Rheingold about the team-up. "There was a mutual desire to unite these two great brands for a mission and a cause — leveraging Def Jam's rising stars and the legendary Marvel characters to tell powerful stories that would make an emotional connection with fans of both cultures."

While Marvel says Bodhi, Sessions, and Paige are telling their first Marvel Comics stories, each of the artists has a "long-standing passion" for Marvel and the world of comics and graphic arts in general.

(Image credit: Def Jam Recordings / Marvel Comics)

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