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Decapitation skipped in first Highlander trailer

Jan 14, 2008

Last August we witnessed Eidos finally unveiling its Highlander game since its parent company SCi snapped up the license in 2004.

It then all went very quiet, but the game's now back on the scene in a first trailer. It runs for 70 seconds, but we're still being denied any gratuitous head-lopping - or indeed in-game action full stop.

Still, we know that Highlander is a third-person action adventure based on both the films and the TV series, and judging by the trailer we'll be strapping on Immortal boots as Connor MacLeod/Nash.

As MacLeod then, you'll be battling rival Immortals and slicing your way through 18 missions and four environments - near-future New York, feudal Japan, Pompeii post volcanic eruption and the medieval era Highlands.

You can watch the Highlander trailer here.

Courtesy of CVG.