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Deathloop adaptive trigger and gun jamming effect gets a video showcase

Deathloop guns
(Image credit: Bethesda)

How Deathloop uses the PS5's adaptive triggers when your guns jam is the star of a fascinating new video.

Just below, you can see a brief YouTube video that runs gameplay footage of Deathloop in tandem with a PS5 DualSense controller. You can see the adaptive triggers resisting the player when they squeeze in the right trigger to fire a weapon, and the video also gives us a look at how the trigger on the right refuses to budge when a gun jams.

This was actually one of the big selling points of Deathloop prior to launch. Arkane takes advantage of the DualSense controller in a few nifty ways, like having antagonist Julianna's voice come booming through the controller speaker at you, but nothing really surpasses the great adaptive triggers when paired with all the different weapons Deathloop offers.

It should be noted that the adaptive triggers function for the DualSense controller when you hook it up to a PC to play Deathloop. Arkane's game might be a console exclusive for Sony's new-gen machine, but it's also available on PC, and it's nice that the developer has gone out of its way to make sure that those playing on PC with a PS5 controller are getting the same experience as their console counterparts.

To see what we made of the new shooter from Arkane's Lyon studio, head over to our complete Deathloop review for more.

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