Death Stranding's open world will include vehicles and "a lot of freedom" says Kojima

Death Stranding (opens in new tab) is still quite a ways away, but every time creator Hideo Kojima talks about it, we seem to get one or two more details worth salivating over. This week, Kojima spoke with the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab) and revealed the existence of vehicles, which can be used to traverse the game's open world.

"In a word, it’s an action game – an open world game, with a lot of freedom. You have a lot of freedom of choice to do what you want to do and you can get in vehicles and so on," Kojima said. "If you are a fighter, there’s plenty of opportunity for that. If you’re not that type of player, there are other ways to play this game."

Kojima also expanded on his work with Guerrilla Games, and why he chose to work with them on the Decima engine that Death Stranding uses. "Usually when you go to use, buy or borrow an engine, someone will say, 'Lend us your name,' or of course ask for payment. We had no contract with Guerrilla Games, but when we met them they suddenly gave us a box, a very pretty box."

"When we opened the box, there was a USB dongle inside that had the source code for the engine. Keep in mind we had no contract or anything at this stage, yet still they handed over what was basically the crystallisation of their efforts over many years." Dang. That's… pretty trusting - quite the extreme show of good faith to just hand over your years of proprietary work.

Kojima closes by saying that Death Stranding is still very early in development, but that 2017 will be dedicated to "hardcore production and development," so hopefully we'll see more soon.

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