Death Stranding's PC version is available for pre-order now on Steam and Epic Games store

(Image credit: Sony)

Death Stranding's release date has finally arrived on PS4, but if you're still holding off to play it for the first time on PC, I have good news. Publisher 505 Games, which is collaborating with Kojima Productions on the Death Stranding PC version, has confirmed that the game will hit both Steam and the Epic Games store simultaneously in summer 2020. You can pre-order on both digital platforms right now.

If you'd feared some kind of timed exclusivity or other special bonuses for choosing one platform or the other, you can now rest easy. It looks like you don't get anything special at all for putting in a pre-order on either Steam or Epic Game store, aside from the personal satisfaction of knowing that you will definitely have that game on PC as soon as it comes out. Pre-ordering the PS4 version came with some special gold-colored in-game gear, but I wouldn't be surprised if Sony wants that to remain a platform-exclusive goodie.

The existence of a Death Stranding PC version was finally confirmed just last week, so it's promising to see everything moving quickly and smoothly toward the game's arrival on its second platform; its exclusivity status was pretty unclear for most of its development. Then again, so was everything else about the game.

The big question for me is how well Death Stranding will perform and control on PC. The only other Decima Engine game was Horizon Zero Dawn, and that's exclusive to PlayStation, so we can't make any predictions of port quality from there. In any case, 505 Games still has at least another six months to get Death Stranding ready for its grand PC debut.

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