Death Stranding has "a new form of co-op", female hero and release date teased

Kojima Productions has been tweeting out some new info on Death Stranding (opens in new tab) clarifying a release window and a few other details. 

First up, the date: 

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The Tokyo Olympics are obviously set for 2020 which isn't an implausibly long time if the game's still in its early stages of production. Kojima's talked about only just getting offices and equipment set up, look: 

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The Akira reference is a bit weird though. The original is set in 2019 but that 'new' mention is odd. Is he having a dig at the ongoing attempts to make a live action one? Because that is never happen. 

Whatever the date is it's fixed (for now). 

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In terms of what the game will be, Koj is still banging on about sticks and ropes (although Death Stranding will also involve aliens (opens in new tab), apparently) and but we know the co-op will be 'new' in some way. If that doesn't take your fancy you can still play it single player if you want. 

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And then there's that female star. We've already got Norman Reedus on board obviously, and strong rumours that Mad Mikkelsen will be in Death Stranding (opens in new tab) alongside him. Now, it appears Kojima might be looking for a third actor. 

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That seems to be all the info currently. Let's say a 2018/19 release date and possibly with a female star joining Reedus and Mikkelsen. 

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