Wait, is Mads Mikkelsen appearing in Death Stranding?

File this under 'rumour, but oh wow it's a cool one so please let it be true' - several things are pointing to Hannibal and Rogue One actor Mads Mikkelsen appearing in Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding

Eurogamer picked out a few threads, starting with this tweet from Hideo Kojima showing someone being digitally scanned: 

So far, just some guy. But then Instagram user jmerskine1 posted this image. Two things to note: does that orange hoodie look familiar to you? And, less subtle, the bit I've highlighted. 

In the same post, when commenters asked jmerskine1 more about what Mads had said and questioned him about Death Stranding, he replied "he said it was a Japanese game so yeah haha I think it's a safe bet". 

Kojima's previously talked about his love for Mikkelsen as one of his favourite actors which only fuels the fire. It's only a rumour at this point but that, combined with the orange top and, well, the bit where Mads says he's working on a Japanese video game, make it seem like this is really happening people. 

We know Koj met Mads at this year's San Diego Comic-con thanks to the below pic from his PA Ayako, so they've had a chance to... holy shit! Idris Elba? You don't think...

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