Death Note: The Last Name review

Were you left gagging for more by Death Note’s cliffhanger climax? Then check this sequel out. Generously clocking in at just shy of two and a half hours, Death Note: The Last Name pens a new chapter in the saga of the killer book as Light (Tatsuya Fujiwara) and his teen ’tec nemesis L (Ken’ichi Matsuyama) continue their deadly game of cat and mouse. In true follow-up fashion this episode ups the ante, introducing two new killer Kiras – including a pig-tailed nymphette with her own God of Death – while keeping the same off-the-wall combo of serious silliness and fiendishly intricate plotting. It’s all good kooky fun, although once again the film fails to live up to its title’s promise of closure: a third film’s already got Japan’s fanboys in a lather and a Hollywood remake of the series looks inevitable. This Death Note ain’t gonna die anytime soon.

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