Dean Parisot recruits a Weekend Warrior

When a movie is touted as “boasting the tone of Ghostbusters”, we worry. Films that claim to channel that classic comedy’s approach rarely tend to work, even when they’re directed by the man who made the thing in the first place (yes, Evolution, we’re looking at you).

But Dean Parisot – who himself has come closer than most with the affectionate Star Trek parody Galaxy Quest – is taking aim again at the comedy/action genre with Weekend Warrior.

It’s the tale of a schoolteacher and home repair enthusiast who unwittingly finds himself thrust into the role of superhero and charged with a dangerous mission. Bill Burch, a jobbing thesp who has cropped up as a guest star on half the US TV shows made in the last five years (and will be seen in Get Smart next year), has penned the script.

There’s no word on when the movie will start shooting – it needs a cast, and might not even have a finished screenplay yet…