Dead Space remake livestream coming tomorrow with an early look at the game

Dead Space remake
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A Dead Space remake livestream coming Tuesday will share more details about the developers' new vision for the horror classic remake.

Dead Space remake creative director Roman Campos-Oriola will be joined by senior producer Philippe Ducharme tomorrow, Tuesday August 31 at 10am PT / 1pm ET to preview an early development build on Motive's Twitch channel (opens in new tab).

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In a press release, EA says the livestream will debut footage from an early prototype of the game intended to "illustrate Motive's vision of Dead Space in motion for the community." In addition to Campos-Oriola and Ducharme, the livestream will feature members from the Dead Space Community Council, which is Motive's officially designated fan group that's been called on to consult on the remake.

The Dead Space remake's reveal trailer showed a brief but tantalizing look at the rebuilt Ishimura ship, a hulking Necromorph looming in the distance, and protagonist Isaac Clarke. And while everything looked fantastic fully rebuilt in the Frostbite engine, we've been desperate to see more from the remake since its reveal.

Motive has said its Dead Space remake will have "an improved story, characters, gameplay mechanics and more," and it sounds like we'll learn more about what that means tomorrow. It's probably a bit too early to expect a release date, but a recent report from Venture Beat (opens in new tab) suggests we'll see the remake launch next year.

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