Dead or Alive gets even sexier on 3DS with Metroid stage starring a grotesque purple dragon

Dead or Alive has always had us covered on the ‘piledrivers’, ‘silicone implants’ and ‘kicking folk through plate glass windows’ front. But you know what the series has always been missing? Fire-breathing space monstrosities and intergalactic bounty hunters who can compress themselves down into tiny metal balls. Thankfully, the upcoming Dead or Alive: Dimensions on 3DS looks set to rectify this omission with a special Metroid-themed level to get your bikini pummelling on.

While our inner Metroid fanboys are in fits of delight over the video above, we can’t help but think this is just a cheap way to compensate for DoA being a bit… well, rubbish. As much as we love seeing Ridley incinerate buxom Japanese schoolgirls, we’d rather see the series try to get away from its button masher status. Ah well, at least it gave us an excuse to do this…

Above: Try to contain your raging libido, guys and gals

Oh, and apparently the game still has dudes...

Above: Who knew?

Dead or Alive: Dimensions will launch with Nintendo's new handheld on March 25 in Europe and the US on March 27. Below is an informative video on all things 3DS for your eyes to consume.

Source: Joystiq

Jan 20, 2010

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