Dead Island 2 fans got absolutely baited by Goat Simulator 3's trailer

Dead Island 2
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A whole lot of Dead Island 2 fans got baited by one particular trailer at yesterday's Summer Game Fest showcase.

That trailer would be for Goat Simulator 3, the latest game in the latest chaos-causing series. You can see the trailer just below, which begins with a harmless character preparing to set out on a nice run, but ends up with them getting ambushed by a pack of goats as the whole scene descends into carnage.

The reason a lot of people thought this was a Dead Island 2 trailer is because it begins exactly like one from eight whole years ago. You can check out the full trailer that the new Goat Simulator 3 one was clearly riffing off just below, beginning with a person setting out on a jog, and then the world being overrun by zombies.

Yep, there's certainly similarities between the two trailers. So much so, in fact, that many Dead Island 2 fans actually thought they were watching a brand new trailer for the long-awaited horror sequel, including the people commenting on the subreddit post just below from a Dead Island-dedicated group. None of that was helped, of course, by host Geoff Keighley introducing the trailer as a return to a long-dormant franchise, and instructing fans to not get bitten by its antagonists. That's good advice for dealing with goats, but it's certainly a little more prescient in a zombie outbreak.

And hey, it's not just fans that got completely baited by the new Goat Simulator 3 trailer, as you can see just below. Dead Island 2 might've been in development for close to a decade at this point, but it isn't quite ready to unveil a new trailer or any information just yet.

In fact, new publisher Deep Silver confirmed just earlier this year in February 2022 that Dead Island 2 was still in "active development." When it does eventually get here however, it could well be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on the PC side of things, if court documents from last year in 2021 are still up to date.

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