DC's Outsiders return - with a twist

A teaser for Outsiders.
(Image credit: DC Comics)

DC superteam the Outsiders will be returning later this year with a new monthly book and a surprise new MO. 

The 12-issue series - the first Outsiders title in three years - will be written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing and drawn by Robert Carey. It focuses on the stripped back line-up of Batwoman and Luke Fox as they reevaluate their place in Gotham City. Disillusioned by the events of the forthcoming Gotham War arc, the pair decide to reinvent themselves as archaeologists, delving into the history of the DC universe, rather than regular superheroics.

You can see a couple of pages of Carey's uncolored art for the new book in the gallery below.

The new series was announced during DC's Gotham City panel at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

"DC has had so many crisises...universes that have fallen apart," said Collin Kelly. "What could have survived? What could have fallen in the cracks?" The writer also cited Star Trek as an influence on the series, with the two heroes exploring the unknown with empathy. 

Jackson Lanzing later tweeted, "The Hivemind's digging into the darkest forgotten corners of the DC Universe for twelve issues of truly weird pop-culture adventure archeology."

Also revealed on the Gotham City panel was the start of a new Detective Comics story arc that will begin in issue #1076. 

The four-part Outlaw will be written by Detective Comics' current writer, Ram V, and drawn by Dustin Nguyen and Jason Scott Alexander. Taking inspiration from the Old West, it's said to feature a group of cowboys fighting to save the Dark Knight from his demons. Something tells us they're going to have their work cut out with that...

Take a look at Liam Sharp's beautiful variant cover for the issue below.

The Liam Sharp variant of Detective Comics #1076.

(Image credit: DC Comics)

Both Outsiders #1 and Detective Comics #1076 will be published by DC Comics later this year.

This year's SDCC has also delivered some exciting news about the future of the X-Men.

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