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Dave Bautista wants to jump ship from Guardians of the Galaxy to Suicide Squad 2 – but who could he play?

Welp. The MCU could be about to turned upside down. With the news that James Gunn has signed on to write (and possibly direct) Suicide Squad 2 (opens in new tab), one of his Guardians of the Galaxy (opens in new tab) cast members has been pretty vocal about wanting to join the party. So, what next for Dave Bautista (AKA Drax) and who could he play on the DC side of things?

Taking to Twitter, Bautista made a not-too-subtle jab at Marvel and Disney by saying “Where do I sign up?” With Guardians of the Galaxy 3 still in limbo, the beloved ex-wrestler-turned-actor may very well be leaving Drax behind for good post-Avengers 4 (opens in new tab) – and there’s plenty of meaty (emphasis on meaty) roles for Big Dave to get stuck into.

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Sure, this one’s pretty obvious – and Tom Hardy’s depiction of the masked menace in The Dark Knight Rises is already iconic – but, if you’re going to sign up someone with Dave Bautista’s star power, there’s no point reducing him down to a minor role, or playing a character nobody’s ever heard of. This is about as big as you can get, and we can already imagine him bringing the hurt to many a foe standing in his way, Venom coursing through his veins.

King Shark

I’m not making this one up. King Shark has become more and more prominent in Suicide Squad’s more recent comic book runs and, as Bautista is no stranger to layers upon layers of makeup after playing Drax, this could be the perfect role for him. All gnashing teeth and underwater menace, it’d be a great chance for him to bear his comedic chops, too, with a buddy duo of Killer Croc tailor-made for King Shark.


No, not a supervillain with the power to hand out late fees for VHS rentals. Blockbuster has had many personas down the years but perhaps his most physically-imposing, as chemist Mark Desmond who chose to experiment on himself, could strike the fine line between tragic and top-ripping that Bautista has straddled so well in movies such as Blade Runner 2049 (opens in new tab).

Who else do you think Bautista could play? KGBeast? Solomon Grundy? Let us know down below! Either way, Bautista’s Marvel days may be numbered…

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