The Darkness II: 2K Games details pre-order incentives

2K Games has revealed the pre-order bonuses for The Darkness II. Customers who pre-order next year’s sequel will receive an upgrade for the Limited Edition of the game, bestowing upon early adopters some extra in-game abilities and bonus content.

The Limited Edition extras include an alternate “Crazy Abdul” darkling outfit and two ability upgrades. Gourmet Hearts offers a bonus for eating hearts – and the Relic Hunter helps locate collectible items.

Above: The Limited Edition includes a bonus costume for your Darkling

The Limited Edition’s other bonus content is potentially of more interest to completists: a free digital download of trade paperbacks for The Darkness Origins volumes 1 and 2 and a custom illustration by Marc Silvestri. The books comprise the first 10 issues of the original Darkness comic and a couple of tie-ins with label-mate Witchblade, detailing the backstory of the games' world in stories by comics superstar Garth Ennis and Darkness co-creator David Wohl. That way, when people ask if you like The Darkness, you can launch into an impassioned rant about just how faithful it was or wasn't to the original material – ensuring they'll leave you alone so you can get back to playing the game.

Above: Last month's backstory trailer, in case you have some aversion to wading through twelve well-regarded comic books

If you’re still on the fence, don’t panic. The Darkness II launches on Feb 7, 2012, so you've still got a while to make your mind up about that pre-order but the Limited Edition upgrade will only be available while supplies last.

Oct 4, 2011