Dark Web villain Hallows' Eve is loose in the Marvel Universe in her own title

Hallow's Eve #1 art
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Hallows' Eve made her debut in the recently wrapped Spider-Man/X-Men: Dark Web crossover, gaining strange demonic powers from Madelyne Pryor, the Goblin Queen of Limbo. With Dark Web now wrapped and her partner in crime Chasm trapped in Limbo, Hallows' Eve is striking out on her own in a self-titled five-issue limited series from writer Erica Schultz and artist Michael Dowling.

March 1's Hallows' Eve #1 finds Janine Godby using her new Hallows' Eve powers to find her own place outside of Limbo and seek vengeance on her enemies. 

So what are Hallows' Eve's powers? She's got a big bag full of Halloween masks, each of which provides its own special ability. In this preview of interior pages from Hallows' Eve #1, she uses a ghostlike mask to become intangible, a perfect example of how the concept works.

Check out the preview of interior pages here:

"Janine Godby's world has been blown up several times in her life, but this time, she has a bag of super-powered masks and a chip on her shoulder," reads Marvel's official description of Hallows' Eve #1. "She's on the run from the police, but there's someone else after her too. Don't miss this breakout character break even bigger!"

Before she was Hallows' Eve, Janine Godby was the on-again-off-again romantic partner of Ben Reilly, the so-called Spider clone of Peter Parker, who became the villainous Chasm at the end of the recent Spider-Man Beyond story, which led into his return in Dark Web.

Janine became Hallows' Eve in order to help Chasm in his plan to become the one true Peter Parker, keeping her powers and escaping Chasm's fate as a prisoner of Limbo in the story's wrap up.

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