Dark Knight is a huge Blu-Ray smash

As if The Dark Knight didn’t have enough money stored in its bat-warehouse-cave, the film has become a huge hit on DVD and Blu-Ray.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, this year’s top cinematic earner has already broken records here, in Canada and in the States the local DVD shoppe.

What records, you ask? Try 600,000 Blu-Ray discs alone in the first day of release, shattering Iron Man’s already impressive 250,000 open day salvo.

Both formats

And when you add both formats together, the film has now sold 3 million copies, around three times the usual figure.

Compare that with the fact that Shrek took four weeks to sell 5.5 million copies in 2001 and last year’s big seller was Transformers, which sold 13.74 million discs - in two and a half months.

Looks like Bruce Wayne won’t have to worry about cash for those wonderful toys for a while yet…

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily]