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Burnout creators' Dangerous Golf gets a one-month delay

Dangerous Golf, the physics-enabled property damage simulator from several of the minds behind the Burnout series, needs an extra month to get its urinal smashing algorithms just right. Three Fields Entertainment creative director Alex Ward confirmed through his Twitter account that the game is now planned for release in June, rather than May.

Playing a bit like Burnout's famed Crash Mode, but with a golf ball instead of a car, Dangerous Golf challenges players to rack up as much damage as possible by banking their ball off of numerous fragile surfaces. Causing enough destruction somehow imbues your ball with the ability to explode, letting you wreck even more stuff before rolling to a halt.

It's a shame that we'll have to wait an extra month to start playing Dangerous Golf on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, since it looks like a strong contender for Most Dumb Fun of 2016 (right next to 100ft Robot Golf, as it turns out). Then again, coming out in June may make it the ideal post-E3 stress relief game...

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