Dan Slott and Mark Bagley's brand new Spider-Man character is too much of a spoiler to actually show

Spider-Man #7 censored cover
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Writer Dan Slott and artist Mark Bagley, two of the creators most synonymous with Spider-Man comics, are about to introduce a new Spider-hero in their upcoming Spider-Man #7.

But… you can't meet him just yet.

In fact, he's so top secret, that all we know is that the new hero is a "him," and that Humberto Ramos will create a special variant cover featuring the new character that has been totally censored by Marvel.

You can see Marvel's censored version here - which obviously doesn't display any of Ramos' actual cover art.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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Marvel has done this before, and in recent memory. In late 2022, Marvel debuted the new Symbiote villain Bedlam, whose true identity was shown on a variant cover that was first released by Marvel with the portion that revealed Bedlam's true identity censored out.

(It was a version of Eddie Brock from the future, in case you're curious).

The current ongoing Spider-Man title from writer Dan Slott who has written more Spider-Man comics than any other writer, and artist Mark Bagley who has been drawing Spidey off-and-on since the early '90s has dealt with the destruction of the so-called Spider-Verse portion of Marvel's Multiverse - something that will apparently play directly into the origin of the new Spider-hero.

So… why would a brand new hero be so spoiler-y on his own that his very appearance must be censored? If we refer back to the recent case of Bedlam, that was because the revelation of Bedlam's true identity also constituted a big twist in the plot of the ongoing Venom title. 

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With that in mind, it doesn't seem like a stretch to imagine that there's some aspect of the new Spider-hero fans may recognize and which may also have an impact on the Spider-Man title's current story.

Marvel has already released the main cover for Spider-Man #7 by series artist Mark Bagley, along with the issue's solicitation text - which doesn't even mention a new hero, let alone offer any clues.

Marvel hasn't promised when they'll reveal the censored cover and new Spider-hero, so we many have to wait all the way until April 5 when Spider-Man #7 goes on sale.

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