Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII release date and flight stick bundle revealed

The World War Two flight combat title from Trickstar and Madcatz titled Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII, will have a collector's edition bundle including Madcatz’s new flight combat controller, the Pacific AV8R FlightStick. We had a chance to check out the controller while snagging a few more details of the game’s multiplayer.

The AV8R (aviator, get it?) has a historical fighter plane inspired design, making you feel a bit more badass while flying around in a WWII era cockpit. On the stick, you’ll find the buttons from a standard controller (X,Y,and B) mapped to corresponding buttons on the top of the joystick along with a trigger and mini-thumbstick. The right and left triggers and bumpers are mapped to switches on the base, which convey the feeling of fiddling with complicated cockpit controls, and the game’s acceleration is adjusted with a sliding throttle bar. The AV8R is tailor made for Damage Inc. but is also compatible with any other flight sim out there.

As for the changes in multiplayer, in addition to Dogfight, players can jump into Survival mode and “Scratch one Flat Top.” The latter puts a squadron of fighters in charge of defending an aircraft carrier and destroying other player’s carriers. Choosing an effective mix of bombers and fighters is the key to victory. Fighters do well at keeping attacking enemy’s at bay and bombers serve as offense.

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII will feature a ten plus hour single player campaign, supports four player online co-op, and eight player multiplayer matches. For more on our gameplay impressions check out our Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron preview.

Damage Inc. Pacific Squadron WWII is set to release August 28 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC for $49.99 for the standard game and $99.99 for the Pacific AV8R FlightStick collector's edition.

Lorenzo Veloria

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