Cyberpunk 2077 phone unboxing reveals special visual and audio features

Cyberpunk phone
(Image credit: OnePlus)

 Just a few weeks after announcing the exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 smartphone, fans are getting their hands on the new model. The phone, a collaboration between Chinese manufacturer OnePlus and Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt Red, was previously only shown in brief glimpses courtesy of OnePlus. Now, the phones are reaching the hands of consumers and the reactions are pouring in. 

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Charles Young, Editor in Chief at IGN China, took to the internet to detail their own phone, showing off its box and components. The model and the box it came in are decked out in that now-iconic Cyberpunk yellow, and the actual interface makes the phone look like something straight out of the futuristic world of the game. A box on the inside of the packaging declares that "Night City changes everybody." The phone itself comes with a number of both audible and visual effects that are customized to the theming of the game. 

In all of the pictures, one thing is clear: the device is decked out to be the ultimate mobile Cyberpunk experience. Fans who get a hold of one of the models have much to look forward to in terms of aesthetics and hardware. 

The news isn't all good for fans who may want a phone of their own. The Cyberpunk phone isn't just limited edition, but it's exclusive to China, meaning that fans outside of the country might have quite a hard time getting their hands on one. In the meantime, we can live vicariously through those who did manage to get one. 

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