CyberpowerPC announces Kinetic Series cases that feature moving vents for maximum airflow

CyberPowerPC Kinetic Series
(Image credit: CyberPowerPC)

CyberPowerPC has announced a new line of PC cases called the Kinetic Series at CES 2022. The new chassis features 18 individually controlled vents that adapt to the machine's internal temperature. 

The Kinetic Series has been described by the brand as the first of its kind intelligent airflow system designed to meld both form and function. The visual design is striking with its triangular Art Deco geometry and color scheme, especially when the front vents are opened up revealing the case fans behind. Now the best gaming PCs can rep some stellar style. 

No release date or price point has been confirmed at the time of writing, however, there is a 'coming soon' listing available on the company's website, which, presumably, will provide price and pre-order dates later down the line. We currently also do not know whether these cases will be sold in standalone format alongside the option for prebuilt machines.

There's a brief video in order to see the Kinetic Series in action and it truly is a sight to behold from a mechanical point of view. So many moving parts in tandem offer a unique solution to effective airflow and proper heat dissipation. 

Even some of the best PC cases struggle with keeping internal temperatures down at the best of times, so it remains to be seen if this motorized, adaptive solution is as practical in action as it is pretty to look at.

There's also the question of if the closed vent design will reduce fan noise and dust intake when the fans are going in full force under a heavy workload. Variable fan speeds and a front mesh filter keep the dust out will expel heat, so it will be interesting to see if taking an automatic, machine-controlled approach can offer superior performance as well as impressive looks, too.

While the CyberPowerPC Kinetic Series may not be released yet, there are plenty more gaming PC cases to choose from for your new year's build. 

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Aleksha McLoughlin
Hardware Editor

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