Curtis Hanson feels Lucky

Every man, woman and child (okay, so we might be exaggerating a bit) is obsessed with poker at the moment, so it follows Hollywood should throw its chips on the table and take a gamble. Step forward Curtis Hanson, director of LA Confidential and Wonder Boys, with his project Lucky You.

“It's a story set in the world of professional poker, once again a personal story.” Jumping on a bandwagon much?

“My production company with my partner is called Deuce Three Productions and always has been. Not because of a great love for poker, but some affection for it.” We’ll let you off then. No surprises that the flick is set in Las Vegas; Eric Bana, Robert Duvall and Drew Barrymore are the key members of Hanson’s cast.

The director insists that Lucky You is not merely a macho movie about betting, sweating and showgirls. “It’s about these skills that one must have as a professional card player, which are the exact opposite skills one needs to have human relationships,” Hanson says. “You have to look at these people across from you and not care whether the money they lose hurts them. You have to completely shut yourself out from that.”

Lucky You is due in UK cinemas next year.

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