CSI star signs up to Perfect Stranger

Usually seen foraging around for clues at Vegas crime scenes, Gary Dourdan, aka CSI’s Warwick Brown, has inked on to star in Perfect Stranger. The palm-dampener also snagged Cold Mountain star Giovanni Ribisi and already boasts topliners Bruce Willis and Halle Berry among its number.

The story centres on a woman (Berry, naturally) who uses the internet to go undercover and investigate a friend’s murder. She’s aided by Ribisi, who’s an IT nerd and Dourdan, who plays her sometime boyfriend.

At the helm is James Foley, who has directed flicks as varied as Al Pacino drama Glengarry Glen Ross and Chow Yun-Fat/ Mark Wahlberg kickfest The Corruptor. The story is taken from a script by Taking Lives scribbler Jon Bockenkamp.

With no mention of a part for Bruce, we’re a little worried here at TF Towers that Foley has him lined up as the bad guy. When Willis plays bad guys, things get ugly…