Crysis flaunts its photorealism

Tropical alien shooter Crysiswas never one to shy away from showing off, and this set of screens comparing real-world reference material to its in-game renderings is nothing if not that - check the Images tab for more.

Of course, it helps that the screens are small enough to hide most of their computerized imperfections, but the natural lighting effects aren't to be sniffed at. And if we were forced to pick between a visually perfect jungle that just sat there looking pretty or one that could be blasted apart tree-by-tree in gunfights, or crystallized by alien cold-beams, we'd go for the latter anyway.

Above: You can tell the difference (really - the photo's on top) but Crysis' sense of the great outdoors is jaw-dropping.

Just as the original Far Cry showed us there was more to shooters than corridors and the occasional outdoor corridor where the walls were made out of trees, Crysis should shake up game environments all over again. You'll have to wait until next year - and if possible have a NASA-grade PC - to find out, though.

October 20, 2006