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Crysis 2 to include the 'most advanced AI' ever

If you woke up feeling depressed today because the computer-controlled opponents in modern games just aren’t doing it for you, then here’s some welcome news: the development team at Crytek has built a brand new artificial intelligence engine for Crysis 2 and promises that it will be the "most advanced AI system in a game."

Cervat Yerli, the man at the helm of Crytek studios, said that alien enemies and human allies in Crysis 2 will "be showing tactical co-ordination" and will be "more challenging but not unfair."

"They will be truly intelligent, thinking, fair enemies," said Yerli, which is actually more than we can say for most of the human gamers out there. They’ll adapt to individual gamer strategy, throw curveballs at you, and won’t ever let you put your guard down. The days of just jumping on goomba heads appear to be dwindling, folks.

For a company that pretty much devotes the entirety of its resources to the Crysis franchise, taking the time to develop a top-notch AI system makes sense, especially as expectations have risen in the three years since Crysis. It also falls in line with Crytek’s past over-the-top ambition – Crysis had over 1,000,000 lines of programming code.

If I could bottle up this amazing artificial intelligence, I’d create my own robot to do a few side jobs for me…maybe then I’d be able to afford the ridiculously massive Crysis 2 Nano Editionbundle that’s apparently coming out when the game is released later this year.

Jul 20, 2010