Crossover games that need to happen

Why it needs to happen: How many years will people disappear into Silent Hill before someone with a whole lotta firepower decides it’s time to figure out what’s going on? At some point the government has to get involved, and that’s where an RE4-style Leon Kennedy comes in – he’s sent to investigate Silent Hill with a team of trained, armed-to-the-teeth soldiers. And seeing as Leon’s used to scrapping with freakish monsters, Silent Hill will have to come up with something really creative to survive.

The catch, of course, is that Silent Hill feeds on what’s inside you. So, even with rocket launchers, shotguns and years of paranormal experience, what inner demons will manifest themselves once purgatory town gets a hold of them? With all luck, something icky enough to create a fantastically frightening game that puts both franchises back on the top horror spot.

Two characters that have to meet: There’s only one recurring Silent Hill character worth trotting out again – that’d be the always-rapey Pyramid Head. He’s a mental construct designed for punishment, and surely he’d have some interesting things to do to/with Wesker, RE’s equivalent bad boy. What happens when monster meets monster? Would a mental assault be more effective against Wesker than an exploding volcano?

Brett Elston

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