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Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Unlockables

  • PSP | Submitted by Bowjangols

    Genji Armor

    To acquire Genji Armour you have to get 100% for all of the DWS gallery. Genji Armour Lets your max Hp possible to go to 99999.

  • PSP | Submitted by Bowjangols

    Item Fusion

    Mission 7-2-1

    On Mission 7-2-1 as a reward for beating the Genesis copy you get Item Fusion.

  • PSP | Submitted by Nopo

    New Game+

    Beat the game once and wait until the credits are over to save your game. Start a new game with the save data to unlock New Game+

    Beat the game twice to unlock New Game++

  • PSP | Submitted by Cloud

    Genji Shield

    Mission 7-6-6. The Magic Pot will ask Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99999 damage, Octaslash (sephiroth's DMW). You'll get the Genji Shield as a reward.

  • PSP | Submitted by grimdragon

    Materia Fusion Mixes

    Thunder+blizzard = fire
    thundara+blizzara = fira
    thundaga+blizaga = firaga

    Fire+blizzard = thunder
    fira+blizzara = thundara
    firaga+blizzaga = thundaga

    fire+thunder = blizzard
    fira=thundara = blizzara
    firaga+thundaga = blizzaga

    Rare Fuses

    death blade+drain = power osmose
    firaga+osmose = osmoga
    dispel+any fire,thunder,blizzard = dark

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Hints

  • PSP | Submitted by Bowjangols

    Easy SP Points

    Mission 7-6-1

    On mission 7-6-1 you get to fight these shell shaped things a lot. They give you 4000 Sp each or if you kill something before them and then kill them with out getting hit, you get 4000x2 which is 8000 Sp.

  • PSP | Submitted by Cait sith

    The Seven Wonders of Niblehiem

    When you first come into Nibelhiem, talk to the boy on the east side of the town. He will tell you that there are Seven Wonders you can help him solve. Note: Do not go to the Mako Reactor with Sephiroth until the first two are completed.

    First Wonder: Inspect the water tower to solve the Wonder of the town's red water supply. You will get the Phoenix Summon here.

    Second Wonder: Inspect the painting of the girl in the guest room in the inn. Go back to the boy, then back to the painting. Walk downstairs to see if the innkeeper walks upstairs. If not, inspect the painting again. Slowly follow him without passing him or starting the scene with Sephiroth.

    Third Wonder: When escorting Cloud and Tifa back to town, talk to each child in the intersection with the Mako Fountain. Take the path behind the children all the way to the end to encounter the "Wonder" bombs. Destroy all three of them before they explode by hitting them as they expand to make them shrink again. Once you defeat them, go back to the village and exchange the Gold Shard you received for defeating them for a Safety Bit.

    Fourth Wonder: This Wonder is in the Shinra Manor about a laughing safe. Go to the northwest room on the second floor to find a piece of paper and the safe, which contains clues on how to open the safe.

    First digit: Knowledge overflowing. Count the number of books not on the bookshelf in the room on the east side by looking through the keyhole. Count the books on the floor and on top of the book shelf.

    Second digit: Unwelcome faces. Count the number of Dorky Faces in the east room on the first floor. They disappear and reappear but in the same places.

    Third digit: Tasty reminders of home. Count the number of Dumbapple and/or cans in the room on the second floor in the back of the west wing. Also look for them behind or under furniture.

    Fourth digit: Resting on all four feet. Count the number of chairs in the west room of the first floor.

    Go back to the room, and put in the deciphered code, and find a Cactuar in the safe and the Vital Slash Materia. Return to the boy in town to find out about the Fifth Wonder.

    Fifth Wonder: The boy speaks of bloodcurdling moans in the caverns of the Shinra Manor. Go to the caverns, and defeat four Sahagins. Go into the rooms on the side of the cavern, and unlock each coffin until you find a man in the coffin, who is none other than Vincent.

    Sixth Wonder: Note: You must do the preceding five Wonders first. While in Nibelhiem when Sephiroth has set the town on fire, there is a boy standing near the store. He says that his mother is trapped inside and you have 1:00 to get her out. Unfortunately there is too much smoke to see, so you must blindly guide Zack through the building. First, guide him to the far right of the store, then toward the rear, then left, next to the front, and finally to the right. Press X when prompted, and lead Zack back through the same route and out the front door. The boy will give you an ATK Up++.

    Seventh Wonder: Note: You must do all preceding Wonders first. The boy will send you a message in the Outskirts of Nibelhiem in the following chapter about the state of the village and the lack of a Seventh Wonder. He has left a treasure as a thank you for rescuing his mother somewhere in the village, if Zack can find it. Go past the save point toward the farmhouse in the Nibelhiem Outskirts, and look on the ground near the fence for a glowing red object. It is the Wall materia, which is the Seventh Wonder.

  • PSP | Submitted by bankia

    Darkmateria Fusion

    You can fuse Poison and Silence to create Dark Fusions.
    Example: Dark Thundaga
    Thundaga + Poison then fuse Silence to it and you get Dark Thundaga that does Poison and Silence.

  • PSP | Submitted by Raymond M Padilla

    Avoiding Battles

    Battles are triggered by proximity. Many of them can be avoided by staying on the borders as tightly as possible. You don't want to waste a phoenix down effect on stupid underlings. You want to save it for the mission boss. To help ensure you get to the boss relatively unscathed, you have to hug the crap out of the walls.

  • PSP | Submitted by admiral robert woo

    Magic Pot

    When in the master tonberry mission have the following equipped: Jump, Fira, Gravity, and Assault Twister. Then just run around until you encounter the magic pot. Use all of those when he tells you to. When the last one is done, he will run off and you will get the magic pot for the DMW. If you do it more, you can get other things too.

  • PSP | Submitted by Wayde

    Safe Code

    The game randomizes the code, so you can't look it up online. Here are the steps to find it in the game:

    1. On the second floor to the right there is the locked door look in and you will have to count all the books not in the shelves (or in the shelf but not stacked correctly).

    2. On the first floor you will go to the locked door on your right (when facing the stairs). Look in count the number of the little pumpkin head monsters.

    3. Upstairs to the left you will find another locked door this is the room with the dumbapples. Look in and count all the dumbapples including the little can of them on the floor.

    4. GodDownstairs, through the locked door on the right. Look in and count the number of chairs.

  • PSP | Submitted by risk

    More Criticals

    If you can get behind an enemy, you will inflict critical damage all the time.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats

  • PSP | Submitted by gabrielle

    Secret Ending

    There is a different way to get the secret ending. After you beat normal or hard, wait through all the credits.

  • PSP | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Mission Survival Guide

    Our custom guide to getting 100% completion for Crisis Core.