Crackdown demo re-loaded

You read it right, the Crackdown demo is coming to an Xbox 360 near you, and it's coming tomorrow morning at 2AM Pacific Standard Time. Last week Microsoft had announced the demo, which was originally scheduled to release onThursday the 18th, would be delayed. We can now confirm that it is going to be made available, via Xbox Live download, Tuesday morning the 23rd. The game's developer has also revealed some details about just what the demo will include.

The demo will take place in one of the game's major gang-held territories. They have announced that it will not feature the full game's "jump-in" co-op, players will have to use the demo's pre-game interface to play together. Microsoft did say that through an enhanced leveling system you will be able to access some of the game's higher level abilities. All this should be enough to scratch your itchy trigger finger until the game's expectedrelease on February 20th.

January 22, 2007