Court case may freeze Manhunt 2 UK release

Dec 14, 2007

Despite winning an appeal to have Manhunt 2 classified, Rockstar's game won't be making its way to UK retail any time soon if the British Board of Film Classification decides to take the case to the High Court, the ratings body has warned.

While the Video Appeals Committee voted in favour of Rockstar's bid to get the controversial Manhunt 2 classified in the UK, the BBFC has told MCV it will need to study the report of the VAC proceedings before deciding whether to grant the game a rating.

"If we spot anything problematic, we may decide to take our case to the High Court as a judicial review, which would lead to Manhunt 2's release being frozen in the UK," said BBFC spokesperson Sue Clark.

"Our main concern is to ensure a lawful outcome. It needs to be the right decision within the UK's legal framework - which will be the right decision in the public interest."

Source:Next Generation