Could Starfield make an appearance at PAX East? This survey says yes...

Starfield, Bethesda's mysterious next-gen sci-fi game, has all but been confirmed to make an appearance at E3 2019 later this year, but can fans expect more news even sooner than that? A recent survey released by Bethesda suggests it isn't off the table...

In anticipation of its #BethesdaGameDays events at PAX East during March 29 - 30, the publisher released a public survey on Twitter, gauging general interest in fan expectations surrounding the upcoming series of panels and livestreams. 

One question, however, seems to imply that Bethesda is considering showing off Starfield at PAX East, amongst the likes of Rage 2 and DOOM Eternal. "Which games are you excited to see or learn about during #BethesdaGameDays and PAX East?", asks the survey, which then provides a list of the publisher's upcoming games, including Starfield. 

Of course, the question also includes a disclaimer that states "some items listed below might not be discussed during #BethesdaGameDays", but the fact that the company is asking its fans about Starfield is curious nonetheless. 

Even something as small as a single progress update utterance from one of the developers would be enough to tide fans over until E3 2019 reveals more about Starfield, or a new piece of concept art that sheds more light on the new IP's sci-fi setting. 

The survey also asks fans how likely they are to recommend Starfield to a friend, which seems odd given how little we know about the game, as if its existence is all we need to go around proclaiming it as the next big thing™. As much as we trust your talent and craft, Bethesda, you did just give us Fallout 76...

Starfield is one of several new games of 2019 and beyond on the way. Click on the link to discover more, or watch the video below for some bitesize highlights!

Alex Avard

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