Connery to be Bond again at 74

Despite being older than many fully-grown trees, Sean Connery is going to be Bond again, although this time his age won't matter (unlike when he returned to play Bond in 1983's Never Say Never Again - ouch), as he'll only be providing his voice.

Even though Roger Moore is by far the better Bond (don't tut, he so is), and, as such, EA should've chosen to resurrect both him and one of his films, EA has drafted in Connery to add an authentic vocal contribution to the publisher's videogame version of 1963 Bond film, From Russia With Love (which is rubbish compared to, say, Live and Let Die or Octopussy - Moore films).

As it's a videogame, there is the advantage of being able to create a 33-year-old Connery for use within the game itself, while the real thing sits behind a microphone providing the essential trademark Bond quips (Moore was better at those too, by the way).

As well as a 1963 Connery, EA is to resurrect other characters from the film, including villain Donald 'Red' Grant (played by the late Robert Shaw) and legendary ill-tempered gadget man Q (played by the late Desmond Llewelyn).

Despite being old, and therefore out of touch with youth culture and as such videogames, Connery was enthusiastic about the project, saying, "As an artist, I see this as another way to explore the creative process. Videogames are an extremely popular form of entertainment today, and I am looking forward to seeing how it all fits together."