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Conker: Live and Reloaded Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by Christian666

    Conker's Clothes

    Clothes you can get while you advance in the game:

    1. Jacket: Pretty much anywhere!
    2. Wolf Head Piece: In the chapter "Uga Buga"
    3. Zombie Hunter Coat: In the Chapter "Spooky"
    4. Army clothes: In the chapter "It's War"
    5. Matrix Jacket: In the chapter "Heist"

  • Xbox | Submitted by mikee

    Xbox Live Multiplayer Upgrades

    By playing online and winning, you'll be able to unlock upgrades for your character. Read below to find out the conditions you need to meet and what you'll get for unlocking them.

    All 6 Class Medals: Only veterans can handle this kind of language.
    1000 Kills (Long Ranger Class): Steadier aim, Nimbler reload
    1000 Kills (Sky Jockey Class): Quicker targeting, Quicker Breech
    1000 Kills (Demolisher Class): Increased Strayfur clip, Guided Rocket boost
    1000 Kills (Thermophile Class): Recharger Boost: thermo weapons
    1000 Kills (Sneeker Class): Snoopa. Improved cloaking
    1000 Kills (Grunt Class): Clip extension, Self-heal overcharge
    50 Kills Total: Avatar Pack II
    500 Kills Total: Avatar Pack III
    1000 Kills Total: Avatar Pack IV
    500 Mobile Unit Kills: Bonus Avatar Pack
    All 6 Specialist Medals: IR enhance, Booster plus, Quicker Tank breech, Improved Hogster
    2000 Healing Points (Specialist): Enhanced healing speed
    500 Mine Kills (Specialist): +1 Mine per loadout
    500 Backstabs (Specialist): Instant Detonate: Snoopa
    500 Fire Damage Kills (Specialist): Sinurator tank capacity increased
    500 Headshots (Specialist): Overcharge power boost
    1500 Repair Points (Specialist): Kinetic Seal: Increased repair efficiency
    500 Marshalls Assassinated: +1 Primary Grenade slot
    500 Generals Assassinated: +1 Secondary Grenade slot
    1500 Kills Total: Projectile Coulour - Golden bullets
    3000 Kills Total: Projectile Colour - Regal purple bullets
    4000 Kills Total: Re-spawn penalty modifier 1/2 reduction
    1000 VC Points: Hacking Device: Speed chipped

  • Xbox | Submitted by Scoot

    Unlock Potty Mouth

    The way to "Unlock Potty Mouth" Is by beating "Conkers Bad Fur Day" or single player on the game. After you have beaten it go to your multiplayer menu. Go to proflies. And now you should be able to unlock "Potty Mouth!"

Conker: Live and Reloaded Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Christian666

    Walkin' Underwater


    Note: Before you do this you must have beaten this level for one thing, and two, you must have taken the "Confidence Pills" on the "Prune Juice" level.

    First jump inside the water then get near the platform near the cliff, make sure your not on the platform then go under water then go all the way under then Conker will stand up under water!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Lennon O'Donnell

    Conker's Bored?


    When you keep conker somewhere he'll start doing some activities here a list of 'em

    1.Gameboy advance SP (sometimes music from castlevania or the theme music from Killer Instict will come on)

    2. DVD player (he will ocaisionally self speak)

    3. Porno mag (he will ocaisionally self speak)

    4. slushee (he will ocaisionally throw it at the screen)

    5. soda

    6. self speak #1

    7. self speak #2

    8. self speak #3

    9. self speak #4

    10. Yo-Yo

    11. grab his feet and rock back and forth (he will ocaisionally sing two difrent tunes)

    12. Give a mean look (he will ocaisionally tap his foot and self speak)

    13. Viagra pills (nuf' said...)

    14. juggle hacky sacks

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kenny

    Banjo in Spooky

    Go to Spooky and when you get your shotgun get behind Gregg the Grim Reaper and zoom in through the window near the house and look in the tree there you should see the one and only Banjo!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Witjuh NL

    Run Faster With Flag or Energy Sphere

    Pick a Sneeker. Next pick up a yellow upgrade icon. Pick up the flag/energy sphere. Draw your sword. Use disquise. Done! U can now run with the flag/energy spere without holding a weapon!

  • Xbox | Submitted by blachblahblah

    Sneeker Fun

    These helpful little hints will help you to be even cheaper with the Sneeker.

    1. If your in defense mode and your attack is charged up, after you do the attack, jump right after you do it and you will not be dizzy.

    2. Once again with the defense position, if you have it charged up, keep holding R and then switch back to attack mode. If you keep holding R and then switch back to defense mode, it will still be charged up. This will allow you to run faster when your in attack mode and fool others to think that you just started to charge your attack. Then nail them with it.

    3. (You will first need an upgrade for this to work) Pull out your snoopa, Fly it to where ever and detonate it. Then disguise yourself. Hold Y and switch to the snoopa. Hit R one time to take it out. Then if you hit R again you will have another snoopa to use it as you please. Infinite Snoopas!

    4. You probably already know this, but when your a sneeker,you can double jump on walls to get to higher places. Just jump when your beside a wall, then press jump again.

    5. In Doon, be the SHC. ( be a sneeker of course) When your playing a team match, run out to the part of the room where you can blow up the shield, or go through the doorway to the high up ledge. Go through the doorway. to the left is a green barrel, get on the right side of it. View downand there will be rwo dome like things sticking out of the ground. Jump on to the first one. Now slowly move to the farthest part of the dome you can go to and jump to the other dome. If you fall, you blow up. When you make it, look to your right. Try to jump to the corner of the space beside you, but don't fall, stay on the same level. If you jump to the wrong space you blow up so be careful. Then you have made it outside of the first ray shield gate without opening it. Fall down the ledge in front of you and look to the left. you can walk on the walkway past the second gate. You can go up to where the tediz spawn, and if your careful and quick, you can get past the turrents and be in the room with the Panther King. One thing though,you can't open up a gate without first opening up the gate before it. All this hint does is let you get past a gate to the next one while your teamates open the gate before so you open the next gate right away to save time. It's pretty awesome.

    6. On Beach Dead, On Tediz or SHC, you can double jump the first two defenses. The first one you go to the barrels and keep double jumping until you get over, now you can go to the second one and double jump over it. Or you could go on the right or left of either first defense and double jump on top of them. This will give you an advantige to suprise your enemy.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Austin

    Break Dancing

    This is just a fun cheat. During multiplayer, become a sneeker, and get the yellow upgrade icon. Then hold the X button down, and go to fein death. Then once you let go of X, Start tapping the X button and you will Break Dance.

  • Xbox | Submitted by calvin

    Mag Me Up

    If you toss a maganova grenade into the mix, the results are twofold, it'll stun enemies nearby, and also disable both remote special ordnance, and any mines that happen to be lying around

  • Xbox | Submitted by calvin

    Heavy Weapons

    Each map features certain points where special ordnance can be deployed. Simply program the nearby terminal, then deposit the remote turret wherever you like and it'll rip your opponents to shreds. Sweet!

  • Xbox | Submitted by calvin

    Full Smoking Jacket

    If you find yourself pinned down by enemy fire, select your grenades in the weapons menu and toss in a smoke grenade. The enemy will cease firing and be temporarily disabled, allowing you to storm in and cut a swathe through them.

  • Xbox | Submitted by calvin

    Keep It In Your Pocket

    When you are not using your weapons, you can stow them away. This will enable your character to run faster, which is very handy when making a last dash back to base with the flag. It will, however, also leave you vulnerable.

Conker: Live and Reloaded Easter Eggs

  • Xbox | Submitted by Kranti Nebhwani

    10 Lives Squirrel Tail

    In the 'Barn Boys' chapter head to the cheese farm owned by Burt the blue block. Jump onto the cheese wall to the left and run across the cheese here. When you come to a slight drop jump up to make a light bulb light up. Immediatley press B to anvil-slam the cheese into a secret place with a Squirrel Tail. Get it, it gives you 10 lives!

  • Xbox | Submitted by patrick

    Gameboy SP

    While on story mode just stand around and Conker will pull out a Gameboy Advance SP.