The complete guide to Jurassic World

The kids

Finishing off the three snaps is one offering a first look at the films resident youngsters, played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson.

The older of the two, Robinson, clutches what appears to be a bloody helmet as the pair stare at something off screen. Its very possibly the former owner of the helmet.

Night vision

Keeping up with his tradition of posting behind-the-scenes snaps to his Twitter, Colin Trevorrow delivers a shadowy first look at a new dinosaur.

Judging by the size of its teeth this might be the fella that tore up that helmet...


Even the veterinarians arent safe.

Restrained Raptor

By July 2014, shooting on the movie was well underway. For fans there was little to complain about, what with the films director regularly posting regular visual updates to his Twitter, along with a series of images in the press.

That didnt stop one Instagram user from posting a snap of a Raptor taking a timeout between scenes. The caption read:

This is an actual Velociraptor for the upcoming film Jurassic World! #jurassicworld #dinosaur #universalstudios #StevenSpielberg #Velociraptor #HYPE

With all those hashtags, were not sure the last one was required, but the image certainly put the Raptor in a new light.

Dinosaur catalogue

A mystery Twitter user posted an in-depth look at a within the film prop, that presented a definitive list of every dinosaur populating the new park. The coolest part is that the entire pamphlet expands into a map - like they do at proper theme parks!

The Welcome to Jurassic World brochure also presented a detailed daily schedule of dino-centric activities in which visitors could participate. Bored of aimless wandering? Why not check out the Cretaceous Cruise? Or, bring your biggest binoculars for a leisurely stroll in The Aviary!

The most innocuous-sounding is of course the Jungle Trek, that promises to transport riders to a plain filled with herds of Gallimimus. Hang on, didnt they all get picked off by a stray T-Rex?....

Comic-con artwork

A limited edition Jurassic World poster was made available to a select number of fans attending the San Diego Comic-Con in 2014. The simple one-sheet, designed by Mark Englert, depicts a Raptor on an upturned vehicle. Its a beautiful poster that would look cracking on any wall:

They now fetch anywhere between $200-$600 on eBay.

Star-lord summer

To celebrate the release of leading man Chris Pratts first foray into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Guardians Of The Galaxy, Trevorrow dropped another teaser.

See you next summer, Star-Lord, his Tweet read alongside a brand new image of Pratts pensive dino expert, Owen. Although, shouldnt he be on the other side of those bars?

Thats a rex

A celebratory photo to signify the end of principal photography is not an uncommon occurrence on movie sets. The one released to mark Jurassic Worlds wrap on August 4th 2014 was slightly different to most.

On account of the gigantic set of T-rex teeth clutching the last slate.


Former InGen employee, the ill-fated Dennis Nedry starred in one of Jurassic Parks most well-loved scenes. Trying to smuggle dino DNA off the island, the parks chief computer programmer heads for the east dock and drives his jeep straight into its signage. Its there that he encounters a particularly spirited Dilophosaur that blinds him before tearing him to shreds.

In a clever tie-in to that memorable moment, Trevorrow posted yet another snap to his Twitter:

The park is open

October 2014 saw the release of the first official poster for the movie. Posted to the directors Twitter, the one-sheet design featured the familiar dino-logo atop a misty backdrop. The newest addition to the artwork was the inclusion of a new tagline; The park is open.

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