Compact, cut price PS2 coming in 2008

Nov 2, 2007

According to trade site MCV, Sony will release a redesigned, cut price PlayStation 2 in early 2008.

TheMCV report says that the new "compact" model will feature an in-built power supply and will hit US stores in the New Year. It will be priced at $99, $30 less than current PS2 models. A similar price cut in the UK could see the model retail for around £75.

The in-built power supply will allow the platform holder to reduce manufacturing costs and retail price, which could help drive sales of the seven-year-old console way past its current lifetime sales figure of 120 million units.

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PlayStation 2 sales have been impacted by the release of Microsoft's and Nintendo's next-gen consoles, but the ageing system still sold 215,000 units in the US during September, according to the NPD Group. In comparison, Xbox 360 andWii sold more than 500,000 units apiece during the month, while PlayStation 3 sales lagged behind those of its next-gen rivals and its predecessor, the system selling just 119,400 units.

Courtesy of CVG.