Comic-Con 09: First Reaction: District 9

District 9 screened at Comic-Con yesterday, with director Neill Blomkamp, producer Peter Jackson and actor Sharlto Copley there to introduce it.

There's only so much we can say at this point - the studio is naturally cautious about spoilers, but while our reaction wasn't quite as strong as some across the web, District 9 is a solid sci-fi entry.

Though shot for a relatively thrifty $30 million dollars, you wouldn't know it, since the effects used to create the extraterrestrials (no practical work, according to Jackson) are astoundingly photo-real.

And Copley, inhabiting the eager-to-please MNU employee who becomes the story's focus, offers a performance guaranteed to get him work in the future.

Ditto Blomkamp, who shows that he's a talent to watch.

We'll of course talk more about D9 when we can - and keep your eyes peeled for chats with Blomkamp, Copley and Jackson when we sit down with them at the Con...

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