20 comic book TV shows heading your way

1. Lazarus

Release date: TBA

The comic book: Not all futuristic tales feature spirited teen leaders out to prove themselves. Take this hugely-popular series from Greg Rucka and Michael Lark; it's set in a dystopian future where the entire world is ruled by 16 wealthy families. To protect themselves from the unwashed masses who'll kill anything that moves, each brood has a genetically-engineered, immortal being called a Lazarus. The comic focuses on Forever Carlyle, who uses strength and powers of manipulation to guard her flock.

The TV show: Legendary TV snapped up this little gem after a bidding war amongst studios and networks. Matt Tolmach (The Amazing Spider-Man) is on board to produce the series with Rucka tapping away at the scripts - which bodes well for the show as he's won five Eisner awards.

Gem Seddon

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